If you are experiencing a mental health emergency (someone is in danger), please call 911.

- Daymark Crisis number 866-275-9552

- National Suicide Hotline



We can all agree that being a teenager is challenging. Students with access to a comprehensive school counseling program are more likely to succeed academically and behaviorally in school (Lapan, R. T., Gysbers, N. C., Bragg, S., & Pierce, M. E. (2012). At Southeast Middle School, two school counselors and an intervention specialist work together to help students succeed. 

Contact the Counseling and Intervention Staff


Erin Messmer

School Counselor

[504 Plans, Español]

704-638-5561 ext. 398042

Bridgette Goodine

Intervention Specialist

[Attendance, Food for Thought]

704-638-5561 ext. 398043

Bradford Walworth

School Counselor

[Enrollments, Records]

High School Registration

704-638-5561 ext. 398041

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